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Twisted Supreme February 20, 2008 2

Now I know our years anniversary was back on  December 3rd, (write that in your diaries so you don’t forget to send us a birthday card), but WordPress, the lovely people who provide this free blog service, have now added a feature were you can see your most viewed posts of the year. It’s either new, or I haven’t seen it before. Anyway, I thought you guys might like to know what everyone have been looking at on Arcade Heroes in the year. So here it is, hit the links to check them out;

1-First images of the next King of Fighter

2-America’s Army Coming to Arcades
3-Pro Keds Releases Arcade Series of Shoes
4-iPhone Spotted In Arcade Crane
5-Silent Hill: The Arcade – UK Location Test
6-WCCF 06-07 Info & Pictures
7-Getting the kids into the arcade and Mario Kart 3?
8-Big Buck Hunter Pro’s Debut in US Maxim
9-Gone Fishing From Tsunami
10-Video: The Act gameplay

If I remember correctly the “Pro Keds Releases Arcade Series of Shoes” story was one of our first big hitters. Other honourable mentions must go to “The Silent Hill Location Test Video” & “The Act Video”. Both of which were original Arcade Heroes scoops by myself and Shaggy respectively. Scoops in the sense they were pretty much the first video of these games on the web. Pats on the back for us then. And you guys too of course because if you guys hadn’t watched them we won’t be were we are today, thanks 🙂

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  2. Руслан Гаврилов November 27, 2009 at 11:39 am - Reply

    Прикольно, хотя не мешало бы чуть более развернуто написать, а то есть немножко непонятных моментов 🙂

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