Flynn’s Arcade as it is now

Shaggy February 20, 2008 3


I love the movie Tron. Sure it’s far from a perfect film but it’s hard to resist the combination of video games and other computer stuff. In fact it’s Tron that has influenced me to open up my own arcade. If you have seen the film then it’s hard to forget Flynn’s arcade seen at the very beginning of the film. Flynn’s wasn’t the creation of a stage crew and the place still exists today although it is not an arcade. From the blog Story Boredom are some pictures of the building used for Flynns that are as recent as last June. It’s quite a bit different from the film now – it seemed like a much larger building in Tron but you only saw it at night. Even though no arcade is there today, I think it would be awesome to visit one day. Thanks to KLOV poster Ataritoobin’ for this link.

[Story Boredom: Flynn’s Arcade Before and After] [Discuss on the Forum]

UPDATE: For my thoughts on the new TRON Legacy, click here


  1. Dan March 22, 2011 at 8:48 pm - Reply

    Saw Tron again this weekend and the shot of Flynn’s came up and I said, “I know that building.” My wife and I had our first date in the building that was Flynn’s in Tron a few years ago. It is a nice restaurant called Akasha in Culver City and the arch in front has steps and doors now. I also have a color photo from the early 1950 of this building and street. There are trolly tracks running down the bvld. I can email it if you want.

  2. Jon N. September 22, 2012 at 3:31 pm - Reply

    Before I left L.A., I went there to “Flynn’s” and ate at the BBQ place across the street. I loved the original movie “TRON”, and I always wanted to have Journey, the Cars, or the original MP soundtrack going in my phone, when I visited “Flynn’s”. Getting to there by bicycle is very “Lightcycle” like. One of the few things I miss about L.A.

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