Golden Tee to be featured at all Chicago Rush home games

Shaggy February 28, 2008 0


Before I get started I should point out that this article discusses American-football and not soccer (or what is called football everywhere else 🙂 ). In particular it discusses Arena Football, which is a different league than the NFL known as the AFL. From what I know, Arena Football is all indoors and has slightly different rules (sorry, I’m no expert on this sport).

So onto the news. Incredible Technologies has teamed up with a company called Top Golf  for to promote Golden Tee Golf during each home game of the Chicago Rush AFL team and it’s known as the “TopGolf Golden Tee Hole-in-One Challenge”. During the game (I assume during half-time) three fans from the crowd will be chosen at random to come out on to the field where they will setup a Golden Tee Golf arcade game that is connected to the  Allstate Arena’s jumbotron to double as “the world’s largest video game monitor”. The contestants will then play a quick round of Golden Tee in an attempt to score a hole-in-one. While the press release doesn’t say what the contestant that scores a hole-in-one will win (it probably varies) it does say that the contestant that gets closest to the hole will win “a bevy of prizes from TopGolf.”

I think that this is a smart promotion for the game even though the exposure will be limited only to those who attend Chicago Rush games. The reason why they are sticking just to this team is because Incredible Technologies is a company based in Illinois and so they are helping support their local team and economy which is great. Maybe we’ll soon see some video of one of these contests online.

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