Moms get into fight over arcade game at Chuck E. Cheese

Twisted Supreme March 3, 2008 2


See, there is still love out there for arcade games. In this case so much love that two mums duked it out because one of thier kids was hogging it and the others kid couldn’t play it! What I really want to know is what was the game?

[via Crime Scene KC]

Story is from Massachusetts. One of the mothers was there with her 9-year-old on his birthday, and she got upset because the other woman’s child was reportedly hogging an arcade game, The AP reports. Both women are now facing charges of assault and battery.

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  1. SaraAB87 March 4, 2008 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    I would think CEC employees would know how to deal with this, if someone is on a game for forever, have an employee ask them to get off. Sounds like they need to have some employee resources dedicated to moving along lines when it comes to playing games (god, are there actually LINES at arcade games now!). But I can understand why they wouldn’t want to get involved when 2 soccer moms are fighting!

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