HardCore Gamer Magazine w/ NASCAR Arcade review

Shaggy March 20, 2008 0


It’s been a while since I made any posts about HardCore Gamer Magazine as it’s been a while since they released an issue. They used to release magazines on a monthly basis but recently decided to switch to a quarterly release schedule, citing the influence of the internet and the waning interest in printed gaming media. I still am going to write arcade articles for them however – in this issue they printed a review of NASCAR Racing that I wrote – it’s been a few months since I wrote it and after re-reading it there are a few things I would change (such as re-using certain words less) but I still think that it’s a fun game that I’ve enjoyed every time I have played it.  I would have more reviews in the magazine but so far all I have got is one page per issue. The review is on the very last page of the issue and even has a reference to Arcade Heroes, in case anyone is interested. They offer the magazine as a free download via their website (it’s Volume 4 Issue 1). One reason I bring this up is to point out that not every printed game magazine out there ignores the arcade industry as though it doesn’t exist anymore.

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  1. editor March 20, 2008 at 4:41 pm - Reply

    Good to see some more coverage – interesting the delay magazine content takes – no wonder the internet is kicking it all over the place.

    Regarding magazine coverage of amusement, I just started to notice a change – when they are not stealing stuff from the internet (you and me), they are now trying to control leakage. The whole Play.com Live issue over SFIV blamed on magazines demanding exclusives!

    I wonder if its time to propose a arcade magazines?

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