One planet under pinball article about Pinball championships in Vegas

Shaggy April 1, 2008 0


(Picture by Steve Marcus of main competitors Bowen Kerins and Neil Shatz after Kerins won the IFPA Championship)

One thing I missed while at ASI was the IFPA Pinball Championships that were held in conjunction with the ASI show in Las Vegas this past weekend although I did see at least two people there for the championship as they had Rio Pinball Clube shirts on from Brazil (I’ve mentioned their website before) and were talking in Portuguese.

So how did it all go? The Las Vegas Sun comments not only the Championship but on the state of pinball and how players feel about it in current times. It’s a pretty good article that shows how some of us still have a good outlook on pinball despite the fact that it is not the fad that it once was. I believe that it will take more kids getting hooked on the game to increase the base of players as well as interest but that can be difficult in these times as some just don’t get it.

[One planet under pinball article @ Las Vegas Sun] [Discuss on the Forum]

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