Action Deka special site and VF5R hits testing

Shaggy April 16, 2008 0

Some more Japan news here with Konami gearing up the marketing on Action Deka with a new special site for the game that offers some more concrete details on the game including character, story, stage and control information and some larger screenshots of the gameplay (although for some reason they are saved as gifs with only 256 colors, thus reducing the quality). Up until now we’ve had thumbnails of the game, some blurry video or snapshots of the game from a bystander.

Also Sega is testing the latest version of Virtua Fighter 5, that adds an ‘R’ to the end. From the details on the page, they mention how it has been changed to become more of a true 3D fighter than previous versions along with some extra moves added for the characters. It sounds like this version will be different enough to make it really stand out above the console versions of the game that have already been released. No word on if Sega will bring this to the international scene in an official release however.

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