New arcade show in London – the Intergame Expo

Shaggy June 3, 2008 0

Next January, another arcade exhibition throws it’s hat into the ring in London with the InterGame Expo which is described by the organizers as “a ‘no frills’ exhibition, responding to exhibitor demands for a modestly-priced event.” In what is sure to cause a little bit of controversy, the Intergame Expois going to partially take place during the next ATEI event. The InterGame Expo is scheduled to begin on January 26th, 2009 and goes until the 28th where ATEI starts on the 27th and ends on the 29th. On top of that the Intergame Expo will take place only 10 minutes walk away from ATEI, at the Ibis Hotel. So at the very least one will be able to easily visit both shows but it will be something to watch the two events duke it out but it will come down to which vendors show up at each event and what they will bring to the table as an attraction. As IG is billing this as an affordable way to exhibit product, that will be an attractive prospect for companies that have a budget or who are looking to save some cash.

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