Another look at arcades by Forbes, this time the Boardwalk

Shaggy June 27, 2008 0

Forbes has another arcade-related article up again, this time discussing trends seen in Boardwalk arcades located in California, New Jersey and other places. They do write saying that you should get out and go to an arcade which is good but I don’t agree with this:

Beach boardwalks are practically the only places where arcades are still viable.

*Sigh* – I guess I should close up shop then as should the thousands of other arcades that are still in business but not located at an amusement park. The article goes on to discuss redemption games and their high earnings which also isn’t new, redemption games have had great earnings for a long time as a couple of years ago there were few releases coming to the video side of the aisle but it would be nice for them to take a look at on-going developments in the video sector before passing it off as non-viable at present.

(Image via Wildwoods Boardwalk, NJ)

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