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New arcade show in London – the Intergame Expo

Shaggy June 3, 2008 0

Next January, another arcade exhibition throws it’s hat into the ring in London with the InterGame Expo which is described by the organizers as “a ‘no frills’ exhibition, responding to exhibitor demands for a

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New SFIV US site makes no mention of arcade version

Shaggy June 2, 2008 3

The new official US website for Street Fighter IV is up with plenty of information about the but unfortunately as well as was slightly expected since it was not mentioned in the official press

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Golden Tee 2009 video preview

Shaggy June 2, 2008 2

With another year comes another Golden Tee and the next one has at least one unique difference to it that we know of – one of the courses was designed by a player. Until

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Location Review: Bowlplex, Basingstoke

HeavyElectricity June 1, 2008 0

As you might imagine, Rambo wasn’t the only thing I played on my trip to Basingstoke’s Bowlplex last week. Having spent something like £20 on the return train ticket, there was no way I

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Game Design Essentials: 20 Atari games

Shaggy June 1, 2008 2

I’ve never held back on the fact that I’m an Atari fan at heart and I always have been – that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate games from other companies, I just happen

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