Interview with Steve Wiebe & Walter Day about the classics

Shaggy July 23, 2008 0

I still need to get the documentary, King of Kong. It’s the kind of film that demonstrates the rivalry that is such an integral part of arcade culture, or at least is most prominent with classic arcade games. In the video below, they talk with a few gamers about their favorite classics but they also get to talking with Steve Wiebe, one of the stars in King of Kong about – you guessed it, Donkey Kong. They also talk with Walter Day from Twin Galaxies about what’s so special about the classic games, which he articulates perfectly. Unfortunately they don’t bother to say if Steve broke the record again or not, which they set up in the video. I checked Twin Galaxies and unless they haven’t updated the score yet, it looks like he didn’t break it this time around.

Video by user mahalodotcom.

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