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Shaggy August 10, 2008 0

In the latest issue of the trade publication, RePlay Magazine, they have a section called Operator’s Interface where they interview arcade operators under the age of 40 and get their opinions on subjects like how they got involved in the industry, why they choose this industry over others, how do they plan on growing their company, what’s the best part of the job, what is their outlook on the future of the industry, etc. It’s not a new feature but certainly an interesting one where you can get different perspectives on the industry from individuals that have had differing experiences in the same line of work.

I was asked to contribute to this particular issue and I did – writing way too much about my thoughts on the subject than they had space for but I was happy to do it nonetheless. I am the youngest operator from the batch in this particular issue but in the future they will have an article where they will take the information from all the operators they have talked to and summarize it which I am sure will make for a fascinating read. Thanks to RePlay Magazine for giving me this opportunity and if you are an operator under 40, feel free to contact RePlay Magazine and I am sure they would be happy to hear from you and your perspective on the industry.

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