The Middleman plays Gut Wrencher 1

Shaggy August 13, 2008 0

Until I saw the post on Kotaku with their timed exclusive of this footage, I admit that I had never heard of the show called The Middleman. For one it’s on a network I never have a reason to watch and secondly now that I’m running my arcade I only catch late night TV if I’m in the mood for it. But from what I can tell about The Middleman is that it pays homage to plenty of nerdy things and in the case of the footage being discussed, the heroine’s favorite game is an ultra-bloody sidescrolling arcade game called Gut Wrencher 1 (which was made up for this show). I know several guys that would kill for a girlfriend as into video games as this girl is but in the meantime I guess you’ll have to settle for watching this until that special someone comes along (or just move on).

BTW- Sorry, I would embed the clip but WordPress only allows a very small number of video sites to have embedded material through their service and is not one of them.

[The MiddleMan Clip @ Kotaku] [Discuss on the Forum]

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