Videos of BlazBlue, KOFXII, Tekken 6 BR, Gundam and more

Shaggy September 20, 2008 0

Sorry we haven’t posted many videos yet of all these new games being shown in Japan – we have to wait until they show up on a website WordPress allows embeding from, and there aren’t many of those sites beyond youtube. But thanks to a tip I’ve found a channel where user Wx7614 on youtube has uploaded a bunch of videos of some of these cool new games those lucky people in Japan are getting to play.

Tatsunoko Vs. Cacpom – Capcom announced that this is coming to Wii, I guess nothing can be arcade exclusive for them anymore; last I heard this is Japan only for arcades though.

Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion – I wish that Namco USA would bite the bullet and just release this in the States at a reasonable price.

BlazBlue – November isn’t too far away…

King of Fighters XII – I really hope that this comes out overseas, officially.

Harley Davidson – man this looks cool, the gameplay is quite fast and the cabinet is perfect from the looks of it.

Gundam VS Gundam NEXT

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