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It’s not often when we have an exact release date for an arcade game which leads to a lot of guessing (of course when a game begins shipping usually means that it’s still a short time before it starts showing up on location) but it’s something we have become used to. Fortunately it’s not always the case and Incredible Technologies has sent out a press release today stating that their newest IP, Power Putt Golf, is now shipping and it is coming not just to the US but to Canada and the UK as well. I did have a chance to plat this at AMOA and it is a great game for arcades – it looks great in action and is simple to figure out although it can take a little bit of practice to get it down right (which I didn’t have a lot of and so I wasn’t terribly good at the game). But easy to learn, difficult to master is the mantra that all arcade games should follow IMO. As you know, PPG is coming out using IT’s new cabinet design which doesn’t include a monitor but it can hook up to any HDTV although the release today is that of kits (which I didn’t know would be available) so you can put them into an existing cab with a monitor if preferred. It does look really good on an HD screen but I did forget to ask them what resolution the game runs at and if getting a 1080p screen would be worth it or not. I know the price point of the dedicated units will be around $3200 (it’s a little higher than that and of course distributor prices vary), I’m not sure how much the kits are going to go for but either way I like the push towards more affordable games and at the very least with the new pedastal cab you can get a cheap HDTV set or an expensive one depending on your budget. Extra details can be found in the press release after the jump:

PowerPutt Powers Way to Sell Out!

First 500 Units of Mini Golf Video Game Shipping Now

(September 24, 2008 – Arlington Heights, IL)  The first units of the newest video game sensation from the award-winning innovators at Incredible Technologies, PowerPutt™, began shipping today to distributors and operators in the U.S., Canada and England.

According to IT’s senior vice president of sales, Don Pesceone, PowerPutt is the right game at the right time for the amusement industry.

“Operators and locations want games that are easy to learn and that are quick, inexpensive and fun to play,” he said.  “PowerPutt is all this and more.”

Available now as a kit and soon as a dedicated unit, PowerPutt is the perfect game for FEC’s, bowling centers, movie theatres, arcades and restaurants – as well as bars and taverns.

“The crossover potential for PowerPutt is huge,” Pesceone affirmed.  “This game appeals to kids, women and men who want a casual but compelling entertainment experience without all the complexity common to other videos.  Couples love PowerPutt.  Finally there’s a game for both sexes that everyone can enjoy.”

Pesceone continued.  “Everybody loves mini golf.  Our research shows that nearly everyone understands immediately how to play PowerPutt as soon as they approach the game.  And the $2 price point is very attractive to them.”

Second Run and Dedicated Units Shipping Soon

Pesceone was animated and excited when describing playing PowerPutt on a hi-definition screen connected to IT’s sleek and sexy new cabinet.

“Playing on the new pedestal cabinet – especially with a hi-definition screen – is an entirely new video game experience,” he said.  “We should be in full production of PowerPutt dedicated units and kits in early October.  I strongly urge operators to get their orders in without delay.”

For more information on PowerPutt call your distributor or the IT sales hotline today at 847.870.7027 x 106, or visit www.powerputtgolf.com and www.itsgames.com.


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