The Guardian goes to Akihabara

HeavyElectricity October 7, 2008 0

It’s almost time for the Tokyo Games Show, which means that practically everyone that covers the gaming world is set to flock to Japan in search of the latest cool things. UK newspaper The Guardian is amongst the masses represented at the event, in the form of one Aleks Krotoski – British readers may remember her as “that American lass” from Channel 4’s late-night gaming output from the late 90s and early 00s (Bits and Thumb Bandits, respectively).

Anyhow, the problem is that in her tireless dedication to the task, Aleks has found herself in Tokyo a tiny bit early. However, she endeavours to entertain us by blogging her pre-show jaunts into the wilderness, and here we find her venturing into otaku’s paradise Akihabara. Naturally, this involves some out-of-home entertainment and she ventures into a pachinko parlour, followed by a trip to a large arcade. Not a great deal of new information in there, but it’s good to see a familiar face getting excited over the arcade scene. If you fancy reading her thoughts, check out the link below.

(Incidentally, it’s good to see that Aleks is still knocking about. Very good indeed, given that Violet Berlin – the other famous lady of the gaming world – has gone a bit quiet and everything.)

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