American Idol Arcade game location testing in Illinois

Shaggy October 12, 2008 0

Well it looks like we can move American Idol from rumor to confirmed at this point – apparently the game is currently being location tested at the Enchanted Castle in Lombard, Illinois and it has been there for “many, many weeks now” from what we have been told.  Unfortunately we have not received any pictures or video of it in action and how much longer it will be there is anyone’s guess but if you live nearby we would love to see some pictures of the game as well as some thoughts about it – I am quite curious to know how this one plays. I also wonder if it uses online connectivity or not so it can feature downloadable content for songs and other things. 

Now we just need to find out if Guitar Hero Arcade is being tested somewhere so we can put that rumor to rest. 😉

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