Webzine looking for dating advice from…Big Buck Hunter Fans!

Shaggy October 15, 2008 0

While most of the time we deal with ‘serious’ news, occasionally we come across something I’d classify as being more light-hearted such as with this call for dating advice from Big Buck Hunter fans. We were contacted by Nerve.com and they do a dating advice column often looking for such advice from a variety of different sources – from bridesmaids, to voice over actors to medieval historians and more. So with them looking for Big Buck Hunter fans is at least a sign that one group of arcade players is being recognized!

The way it works is they want interested parties to answer about 10 out of 20 questions, along with a picture of your happy face. If you’re interested in contacting the site with answers to the 20 questions then you can find the info after the jump. Keep in mind however that a few of the questions are adult-oriented (so NSFW) so use caution if you click below (don’t say that I didn’t warn you)

 OK here we go. Here’s what they want exactly:

This week, I am working on Dating Advice from Big Buck Hunter Fans… I have a 20 19 question
questionnaire (not about YOUR personal dating/relationship experiences, more
relationship advice to hypothetical situations) you can answer over
e-mail . . . you wouldn’t have to answer all of the Q’s, but it’d be
great to get 10 . . . and would need a first name only, photograph
(would be great to get one playing Big Buck Hunter!), and age. I
wouldn’t need any other identifying info…

If you’re interested in being a part of the article, send some answers to the questions below to anna.davies@gmail.com. Tell them that you found out about it from Arcade Heroes. They need an answer by next Monday (the 20th).


1. I’ve been seeing a guy for a couple weeks, and I think it’s going
pretty well, but he won’t Facebook friend me.
What does this mean?

2. What’s the best thing about dating a Big Buck Hunter champion?

3. I know my best friend hates my boyfriend. Is it better to keep them
away or try to get them to get along?

4. What’s the best way to flirt with a Big Buck Hunter champ?

5. I love sticky-floored dive bars, but I feel like if I suggest
meeting up there for a first date, I’ll seem easy or cheap. Any ideas
for another low-key, yet classy, first date venue?

6. My boyfriend walked in on me—and my vibrator. Now, he keeps joking
about it, while I kind of want to pretend it never happened. How do I
get him to never, ever talk about it again?

7. I’ve been dating my girlfriend for the past 8 months, but I’ve
never been to her apartment. She says it’s because it’s messy, she
doesn’t like her roommates, and my apartment is more convenient. This
is true, but is it weird?

8. I think video games are kind of dumb, but my boyfriend lives for
them. Any suggestions for how to learn to love them?

9.My ex and I never used to use condoms. Since we’ve broken up, we’ve
had sex a couple times, but I think it’s time to reinstitute the
rubber. What’s the best way to tell him?

10. One of the guys I’m dating saw me on a very clear date with
another guy. How should I tell him that I’m seeing other people, but
would like to continue to see him?

11. My boyfriend has his nipples pierced. He thinks they’re sexy, but
I totally don’t. How can I let him know without hurting his feelings?

12. Due to a bunch of cancellations between us, I finally ended up
scheduling a first date with a guy on my birthday. Should I tell him
that or will he get weirded out?

13. I inadvertently saw a text that the girl I’m dating wrote about
me, where she called me “squeezy.” She said it was endearing, I feel
like she’s saying I’m fat. Is the relationship doomed?

14. My boyfriend invited me to move in with him. I’m thrilled—but he
said he didn’t want us to split the rent, that he’d pay for it
himself. Is it whore-ish to accept the offer?

15. I just found out my ex interviewed for a job at my company. I
really really don’t want to see him every single day—would it be that
bad to slip in a bad word about him to the hiring manager?

16. Whenever my boyfriend and I meet up for drinks, he invariably
starts chatting to the bartender or people sitting near us. It makes
me feel like I’m being boring—is there anything I can do?

17. I just started dating a guy who’s great—except he’s going out of
the country for a few months. We’ve only been on a few dates, so I
feel like bringing up exclusivity is weird, but I don’t want to lose
him! Any thoughts?

18. I get super nervous on a first date, and I’m not nearly as witty
and charming as I could be. Are there any ways besides alcohol to
loosen up?

19. I just started dating a girl who seems great—but has the busiest
schedule I’ve ever heard of. I want to keep seeing her, but not just
every other Tuesday after 9pm. Is there any way I can let her know
that, without sounding pushy?

20. My best guy friend just got a girlfriend, and now he doesn’t want
to hang out with me, because he said she’d get weirded out. What
should I do?

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