Namco demonstrates a modded version of MaxiTune 3 that lets users play in a wheelchair

Shaggy November 4, 2008 0


Now this is really cool – we’ve discussed how arcades have been made to be user-friendly for someone with a physical disability, and at least since SF Rush 2049 a lot of racers in arcades will automatically press the gas for the user at one point.  But I have not seen a racer modified like what Namco has tested in Japan with Wangan Midnight MaxiTune 3 – a user can approach the game in a wheelchair and racer. The technology that Namco is using for this is still in it’s prototype stage, but at present it includes a ramp for the wheelchair to go upon and it goes from there. If proven successful, I imagine that we could see more of these devices for racers in the future.

[Via MSN Japan] [Discuss on the Forum]

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