The Pac-Man Christmas Ornament

Shaggy November 12, 2008 0

It’s that time of year, where stores start jumping the gun for the Christmas holiday and begin rolling out thepacornament merchandise well before the month of December rolls around. It’s a little easy to get worn out early on since where I live several radio stations got it into their heads that it would be fun to start playing all Christmas music all the time starting on Halloween (I just avoid those stations but it is still irritating) but that’s all part of the game these days.

Whether you have already purchased your Christmas tree or you are deciding to wait until December, this ornament is the perfect addition to any gamer’s tree – the Pac-Man arcade cabinet tree ornament. It even lights up and plays sounds from the game so it’s one of those few things that could probably work as a decoration on something other than a tree, in case you don’t celebrate the holiday or you just need arcade decorations for some reason. The ornament is only available in Hallmark stores and it’s running for $18.50 but it is available now. I might get two, one for the store and one for home. 😉 Next they should do games like Sinistar, Berzerk or Gorf – anything that had voice in the game to taunt the player, you could have a bit of fun with that.

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