Konami releases BeatmaniaIIDX Empress in Japan

Shaggy November 21, 2008 0


[Via BemaniStyle.com]

While most of our news the past few days has been about US arcade releases, they are still busy in Japan as well. Konami has released the latest addition to their Beatmania line-up, BeatmaniaIIDX Empress. As the name and banner above suggests, this title carries a bit more feminine theme to it than other Beatmania games in the mix, so I guess we’ll see how guys take to the game. It does feature quite a line-up of music that should be particularly pleasing to Beatmania fans, including music from an American bemani fan turned Konami artist. The playlist features over 40 songs and it also will use a number of e-amusement pass features. Check Bemanistyle for the full run-down on the title.

[Official BeatmaniaIIDX Empress site] [Discuss on the Forums]

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