Michael Yum of PM Studios discusses DJ Max Technika & more (including possible European release)

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PM Studios has not kept a tight lid on their new arcade title known as DJ Max Technika and this means more information for us to enjoy about the game. In an interview with Michael Yum, executive producer behind DMT @ PM Studios, Michael talks about the arcade scene, the differences that will be found between the home and arcade versions (and why the arcade version will be better) and more.

I find it very interesting to hear what he has to say on the arcade scene in the US. When asked about it, Michael responded:

We also want to help in the revitalization of arcades. Companies like Capcom, Konami and Activision, they’re all trying really hard at the moment and so we don’t see each other as competition in this market. Obviously, it’s a different story when it comes to consoles. In the arcades though, we all want to help each other make the games successful here, so we hope to help revitalize arcades and bring a lot of new console games over here in the process.

This is a great attitude for PM Studios to have for arcades in the US and I think that DMT is a great way to enter into the market. Of course recently Capcom USA said that SFIV couldn’t do anything to help revitalize arcades in the US so they wouldn’t even bother to try, so it’s always good to know that other newcomers to the US arcade scene don’t feel the same way.  The more companies making arcade titles for the market here and elsewhere, the better for the rest of us (especially those of us on the front lines running an arcade of our own). If you are in Europe, you may also be interested to know that Michael also mentions that they are interested into entering the market there, so I imagine that it means that we’ll see DMT in Europe too.   

More details via the link below, thanks to Jared Reas for the link & pic

[Michael Yum interview – The Escapist] [Discuss on the Forum]

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