'Amusement' Magazine shows some love for arcades

Shaggy December 19, 2008 0



If you have followed the arcade scene for a while, then it is no secret that most gaming magazines tend to ignore arcades entirely unless some big name like Street Fighter or Guitar Hero is attached to the game. It’s a shame really, but that’s one reason why we’re here. Still, it is important to give credit to those publications that do go above and beyond the  occasional obligatory mentioning of arcade gaming like I mentioned above and the most recent case for that goes to the new French magazine Amusement. While I do not have a copy handy to see what details it pours over in relation to arcades (not that I would understand most of it – my Portuguese only gets me so far with French), you can see some sample scans of the magazine on their main site and in it they show a few arcade related things, such as with the “Arcade: Press 2008 to continue” article found in their 2nd issue (pictured above). For more, hit the link below

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