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Listen up those of you who are planning on attending ATEI in a couple of weeks.  With high interest in the event, the organizers have put a trade-only policy into effect. They also have put in special rules about photographing and video-taping at the show, the details can be found in the post break below. ATEI organizers have appointed KWP Limited as the contact for non-trade sources to register for the show so if you plan on going and are not part of the amusement industry, get a hold of them ASAP (contact info placed after the jump).

Due to the massive interest in this month’s Amusement Trade Exhibition International (ATEI) in London: the largest gathering of the arcade and amusement technology in Europe, the organisers have had to put in place a strict trade-only policy regarding attendance. In order to ensure that maximum exposure is achieved to all those with a valid need to attend the event, a non-trade registration structure has been put in place.

All non-amusement trade media should contact ATEI’s appointed representative, KWP Limited, who will be facilitating all exhibition attendance for those from non-trade magazines and online hoping to attend. This year, media access to cover the event will be carefully monitored and specifically allocated; access passes can only be obtained though this channel. Unaccredited media and non-trade will be turned away at the door.

For photographers, ATEI will be holding an escorted tour of the exhibition floor, where photography and interview access with exhibitors and products will be granted only by prior arrangement with KWP. Please contact KWP to reserve a place, as unsupervised photography during the show will be forbidden and you will be asked to leave. Video recording is strictly forbidden onsite.  This is due to the product trademarks and any person found filming will be removed by security.

Likewise those not from a recognised media or commercial service that has not contacted KWP prior to the show will need to do so immediately, supplying their reason to attend ATEI and references. The show is only two weeks away so to avoid being turned away at registration please register via KWP now.


KWP Limited

+44(0) 7785 254 729


  1. Nick January 15, 2009 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    An escorted tour around the show would be boring as hell if you’re only there to get a picture of a particular product. Surely it would be much easier to just ask the company involved if they’re happy for you to take a few pics of their products? Welcome to the new Stalinist ATEI.

  2. Editor January 15, 2009 at 4:14 pm - Reply

    Ah here we have the comments about Stalin – yes Nick it would be much better to ask the booth marketing team for permission – but as happened last year the attempt to do this resulted in a whole load of individuals claiming to be media hogging the T6 machine and causing a number of exhibitors to have to eject people off their booths. The escort is not a forced match, but was to place interested media with executives prepared to give an interview – rather than having to eat into their time and conduct 16 different interviews – this is very similar to the E3 policy.

    Again please be advised if you do not have a media badge, and you take photos or video you are liable to be removed. The rules are the same as last year, it is just now that they are being enforced strictly – thank some of the fan-boys for this situation, and lets avoid throwing around the Stalin comment, its a little childish.

    I am concerned that some of the complaints and ‘altering’ of the imperious of the statement are coming from fan forums that have just found out their registration has been removed! Please contact me if you do need to attend.

  3. Nick January 15, 2009 at 4:55 pm - Reply

    Apologies for the Stalin comment. I agree that there probably needs to be a solution, just not sure I agree it’s the right one – maybe your hand was forced.

    I do imagine it’s frustrating for the B2B exhibitors having their latest offerings hogged by enthusiasts rather than industry figures/potential customers. I would imagine if you can stop Joe Public attending the event on any scale then the associated problems would also diminish. On the other hand the event needs numbers through the door to justify costs to existing and potential exhibitors, and I’m sure without the people who *shouldn’t* be there, the attendance figures would suffer?

    I’ll hold my hand-up and say I have previously attended as a Pinball voyeur (not the voyeur that swiped all the pinball flyers and put them on ebay I hasten to add!). I *did* talk to Gary Stern about setting up new distribution channels in the UK (as Stern’s existing supplier sells almost exclusively to the trade and not the home user), but to no avail. I do however, organise the UK Pinball Show and buy and sell machines (including many of the new Stern titles). Am I in the trade? Probably not. Is it my job? No. Am I still curious. Hell yeah!

    I had no plans to attend this year but maybe I’ll pop along and *test* the new system (joke!)

  4. Editor January 15, 2009 at 6:25 pm - Reply

    All valid points Nick – regarding the attendance figures (between you and me) ATEI dose not need to worry about having a good attendance, the issue is that the attendance is the right one for business to be done!

    To answer your question – of course your trade, not media, but trade – we have a lot of people claiming to be editor at Pinball News though!!

    Please come along if possible and hunt me down. On another point, I work with the Stern distributors in the UK and agree with your points. I think you know my news service also reports on the whole situation – spoke with Gary at IAAPA on the issues. Have you heard of the new pinball show in Europe? Maybe this should be taken off line – give me a email so we can chat.

    – Just for a laugh, we caught a 13 year old claiming to be the moderator of a major forum and registering (show has a over 18 rule), and revealed the fact to the real moderator, who claimed about the Stalin aspect of the show,…. surprise surprise the comment was removed!

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