Upcoming Annual "Classic Arcade Gaming.com Tournament" to include classic game champions, King of Kong co-stars

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lifearcadeDetails have been released on the upcoming Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) Tournament, which is held on an annual basis and it sounds like it is going to be quite the competition for skilled classic game players who can make the trip. In fact, a number of arcade world record holders are going to be there, which promises to make this a very entertaining competition to behold. A few of the people signed up were in the arcade documentary The King Of Kong, although Steve Wiebe or Billy Mitchell are not part of the line-up yet. The event is to be held at Richie Knuckles’ Arcade in Flemington, NJ, they are charging a $40 fee for adults and $30 for those under 13 which covers the three day event where all of the games (more than 40 classic games total) will be set to free play. It appears that they are discouraging paying at the door and want people to pay beforehand, but you can read about the rules on that at the link below. Players will be able to compete on a total of 29 games (also listed at the website below)  and the event begins on Friday March 13th and goes until Sunday March 15th. Good luck to those who participate!

Also, you can check out a press release about the event by clicking on the post break below

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The fourth annual Classic Arcade Gaming (dot com) Tournament will be held this year at Richie Knucklez’ Arcade, from 11 AM Saturday, March 14th through 4 PM Sunday, March 15th (additionally, a practice session will be offered on Friday evening beforehand). The arcade (which features over 40 classic game titles !) is located at 631 Rt. 12, in Flemington, New Jersey, and owner Richie Knucklez is co-organizing the event with classic arcade gaming advocate Mark Alpiger. Both Mark and Richie have made the format and features such that this event is totally designed for, and around, the players ! A total of about 20 arcade game titles will be featured in the tourney, including a majority that are popular classics from the 80’s. The list of potential titles include the major classics Robotron, Donkey Kong, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger, Star Wars, Pole Position, Track & Field, Dig Dug, Millipede, Defender, Paperboy, and Phoenix, plus lesser known, but nonetheless great games, Donkey Kong Junior, Elevator Action, Food Fight, Crossbow, and Gyruss. In addition, one or two ‘Mystery Titles’ will remain unknown until the day before the event.

In a continuation of the extremely popular contest format (a historical first for arcade events) from the previous three events, the players actually get to choose the games that they play, so it’s like being able to design your own contest ! Each gamer’s 7 best game score results, out of (optionally) up to a possible total of around 20, will determine their final score, and finishing place in the event. There is a monetary purse of $400 (the highest amount ever offered at the event) that will go to finishers in places 1 through 3, and it will also be allocated to providing for an additional five prizes (for non-placing players) who have the topmost scores on randomly picked game titles in the tournament.

Gamers who are already signed up for the event include the incredible defending champion, Donald Hayes (multiple world record holder); Pat Laffaye (Frogger master); Ben Falls (Frogger / Donkey Kong mastery); and numerous others. Gamers who are very likely to sign up for the event in the weeks to come are: Darren Harris (Ms. Pac-Man / Indiana Jones); Bryan Wagner (Pac-Man); Rick Carter (Pac series); Jimmy Linderman (Pac-Mania); and, no doubt, lots and lots more to come ! If you’re a King of Kong movie fan, at least three of the co-stars from the film are scheduled to be at the event (organizer Mark Alpiger, and entrants Donald Hayes and Pat Laffaye). You can get autographs, and chat with them about the real story behind the documentary !

Within about 5 minutes of the arcade’s location are numerous food and lodging choices, making things convenient for tourney entrants. In addition, free rides will be provided for a number of gamers staying at the local Ramada motel location. As a plus for gamers in New York City, bus service direct to Flemington is provided at a low cost from that location.

For complete information on the tournament, including an information section for out of town travelers, go to the following web link for all the details: http://www.tourney.classicarcadegaming.com. You can contact tourney organizer Mark Alpiger with any questions (his contact info is listed on-page), after reading through the complete web page first.

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