AOU sites for Sega and Konami

Shaggy February 5, 2009 0


ATEI has come and gone and that means that the next big show is AOU in Japan, where Japanese manufacturers show off all of their great products which you may or may not find outside of that country in the near future. This AOU will probably be quite interesting to see and it’s too bad I couldn’t go over to Japan to check it out but at least we’ll have plenty of news come along to fill us in.

As a preview into what will be at the show, we have Sega and Konami’s official AOU sites, which show off what we can expect to see there. Strangely Sega is not listing Border Breakam_gashaaaan2_main (their new mecha game) on the page, preferring to showcase Block Pipo (Brick People elsewhere) and Virtua Fighter 5R; Konami has several products they will be showcasing including the new “Gashaaaan!”, a ball-as-a-controller throwing game with an unusual name (pictured in the thumbnail there). Hit the links below to check it out.

[Konami’s AOU site] [Sega’s AOU site] [Discuss on the Forums]

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