Sega USA releases Clay Challenge and Bass Fishing Challenge kits

Shaggy February 28, 2009 1


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Sega Amusements USA has updated their website with information on two new arcade releases for the US, Clay Challenge (which we revealed in our AMOA 2008 coverage) and Bass Fishing Challenge (which we revealed in our ATEI 2008 coverage). Both releases are in JAMMA kit form and can go into a standard JAMMA cabinet as well as in an Atomiswave cabinet; the latter is intended to go into any cabinet that uses a trackball (like Golden Tee). I imagine that both games will be at ASI in a couple of weeks and it’s always good to see a few more kits coming along as that really helps out street locations. Now they just need to offer a Rambo kit so we can convert HOTD4 into that.

I have added both games to our “Already Released” category on our Arcade Game Release list for 2009.

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