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Shaggy April 9, 2009 3

One common problem I see when it comes to arcades over all is that sometimes, people don’t know where to look for one. The yellow pages is a good start but it seems that not everyone always checks the yellow pages. To combat that, we have seen a couple of online efforts where arcade fans have put together very useful websites where players can locate an arcade near them – most notably Arcade Finder and Arcade Fly. What if you are just in the market for some pinball however? While these sites might help, they are focusepinreblogod on arcades which may or may not include a pinball machine on-site to play. To remedy this problem, Stern has given the nod to a website called Pinball Rebel, which in addition to including a lot of information on different pinball games has also added a pinball finder feature so players can hunt down a machine specific to their tastes. I tested it out by adding my two machines to the list from my own arcade and it works just fine although it would be nice if there were a feature where you could upload multiple pins to one location in one setting but for now it’s a good start. As it grows, it should be an excellent resource for players to find their favorite games that they otherwise might have overlooked in their area.

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  1. Adam Fortuna April 9, 2009 at 11:05 pm - Reply

    Very cool! With so many Pinball games possible the trouble always seems to be getting a normalized list. The Pinball Database ( http://www.ipdb.org/ ) is just massive, and would be cool to have listings of all of them — but some may be so rare that their inclusion is just cluttering things up. At least with rebel you can add in any games. We do the same at ArcadeFly ( http://www.arcadefly.com/games?search=pinball ), but don’t have a special category for pinball like we probably should.

  2. Brady Curbow April 6, 2010 at 4:23 pm - Reply

    Whether your looking for that original appeal, or the classic appeal, i would reccomend


    They have ALL the classics from my childhood. I havn’t played since my atari 2600!
    They come with over 60 games, pre-installed. Just plug in and play.
    The 1980’s … they may be old, but they never get old! Relive that misspent youth,
    and dominate the universe all over again!

  3. donald phillips June 16, 2011 at 11:27 am - Reply

    i have a rescue 911 pinball mach. in great cond. look to sell

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