Videos from GTI Expo 2009

Shaggy May 14, 2009 0

Another arcade trade show has come and gone and with it there are plenty of videos to give us a glimpse of what happened. Quite a few interesting games were at the show, some we have seen before and some we have not. Check out the videos below for more

1st: Some DDR-like rhythm game where you use your hands; Battle Stations/Ocean Force; DJ Max Technika, Aquarace, Razing Storm, Speed Driver 2 and more.

2nd: I’m not sure what this is but eat your heart out Rock Band

3rd: Speed Rider. This looks like a cross between Super Bikes and Nirin and it even has a nitro button.

4th: Some card game reminiscent of Sanguozhi War

AM-NET blog also has some pictures from the event if you are curious to see more, including KOF2002UM and another touch screen rhythm game called Touch Mania.

BTW- I still do have a few more videos that need to be uploaded from ASI09, they were taken on a different camera that is not mine and the computer they were transferred to was fried a short time ago although that was just the motherboard so the HDD should be OK. I really apologize to everyone for taking so long on the last few vids but I do promise that as long as the HDD they were on was not lost, I will get them posted.

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