Sega Republic opens its doors at the Dubai Mall

Shaggy August 20, 2009 2



If you are an arcade or Sega fan and you are headed to Dubai for some reason then you have a new attraction to check out while there, Sega’s new indoor theme-park called the Sega Republic. SR has 76,000 sq. ft. of entertainment goodness that is divided amongst five themed zones such as “Speed, Adventure, Sports, Cyberpop and Redemption”. The site features some of Sega’s latest simulator rides such as Storm-G and they even have a Sonic the Hedgehog ride that is based upon Dr. Eggman’s attempts to capture Sonic. They also have a halfpipe simulator that  features “a hi-tech snowboarding half-pipe that gives riders the thrill of throttling up and down a 7-metre incline at speeds of up to 40 km/hr.”

Naturally they also have a sizable arcade that features both video and redemption games and I imagine that it will take more than one visit to the Sega Republic to particpate in everything they have to offer.

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  1. arcads4ever August 23, 2009 at 11:05 am - Reply

    I wish I could go there. its a pity the sega world in london didn’t last very long as I would have gone if I could. It might be due to the name why sega world wasn’t as sucessful as it would like to have been as the name seems like it only appeals to hardcore gamers. if sega came up with a name that anyone could relate to like ninendo’s name for its current console “Wii” then it might have been more popular and not sounded like “it a place for only hardcore gamers, no casual gamers” if you know what I mean. names play an important role when working in the amusement industry as names need to be appearling to anyone who wants to have fun and not just the hardcore audiance.

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