Taito shows off a new light-gun/music shooter, Music Gun Gun (updated)

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Taito has another new light-gun shooter that they are showing off in Japan (the other being Elevator Action: Death Parade) and from this recent public demonstration of Music Gun Gun at one of Taito’s arcades in Japan, it looks like the game was interesting enough to grab some attention from the crowds passing by. From all appearances the game looks like it mugevent01will be a shooting gallery style title with different mini-games available to play. As the title of the game implies there is is a musical element to the game as well but at the moment it is unclear as to how that actually works out. For more info on the public event behind this, click here.

UPDATED: Thanks to Aaron Auzins, here is a detailed description of how the game works.

The closest way to describe Music Gun Gun to American audiences would be akin to playing Elite Beat Agents by firing at the screen to activate circular timing markers. Players can choose a song from a menu and the gameplay allows for up to two players to participate in the rhythm-shooting stages. The timing markers appear onscreen with a circular dial on the outside that travels clockwise – if the dial travels the entire 360 degrees, the player misses the “note.” While players are shooting in time to the music, what is actually happening onscreen is players are in pursuit of an “enemy” that throws objects at the players. These timing markers indicate when these items would “hit and damage” the player, so the actual gameplay is in destroying objects hurled at the player, but it is done in rhythmic fashion. Of course, timing comes into play as if players shoot the circle as the projectile reaches the circle (it seems players in the videos are doing this at about 10-11 o’clock clockwise if you can imagine a clock), they receive a “perfect” rating, while being slightly off before or after the timing window results in a “good.”

The August 15 Ikebukuro location event report details a good turnout, with the author of the report being a little worried at first since at the beginning event, there were very few people stopping, but the picture displayed in the Arcade Heroes story shows the eventual evening turnout with many people checking out the game. The two cosplayers are modeled after the in-game characters Tama and Momo.
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