Incredible Technologies reveals Golden Tee 2011

Shaggy July 1, 2010 0

If there is anything you can be absolutely sure of in the arcade industry, it’s that a new Golden Tee will make it’s way to the market near the end of each year. Incredible Technologies has unveiled the first shots of the next installment of the series, Golden Tee 2011. At the moment they aren’t talking about new features that will be added to the game but we can safely assume that it will continue to make use of an internet connection, as well as adding new courses, equipment and clothes.

Since all they are showing right now are some shots of course then all we can comment on are appearances. These are beta shots so the final version will look different but if there is anything that they do add graphically I hope they turn on anti-aliasing as in all of the screens shown the jagged edges stand out. Of course what would really be nice is to see the game move on to a level one would expect to see on a modern graphics engine such as Crytek or Unreal 3. Not that such a thing will probably happen as there are licensing costs involved with such engines and the costs behind HD artwork for such engines is high but it still would look much nicer.

There are a few more details on the Golden Tee Blog

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