Sega posts improved profit projections

HeavyElectricity October 1, 2010 0

Sega Sammy Holdings yesterday revised its half and full year financial forecasts, and the good news for the company is that it has increased its projected profits. The full year figure is projected to be ¥37.5 billion (US$448.3 million), from the original forecast of ¥22 billion (US$263.9 million).

The key driver behind the high expectations is an upturn in Sammy’s pachinko sector and particularly pachislot, thanks to a combination of recovering player turnout, increased machine sales and efficiency savings in manufacturing. As for Sega’s gaming ventures, the arcade sector holds strong as the company expects that amusement operations (both sales and operating) will deliver robust results, but console releases are faring worse with “weak” international sales.

[Via: Sega Sammy Holdings]

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