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(Image via Game Watch)

Newsfeed 1007 via The Stinger Report

AOU wasn’t the only big video game related show that took place this past weekend, down in Taiwan they had an event going on as well, which we mentioned a little bit about earlier last week. While the Taipei Game Show didn’t focus purely on arcade/amusement gaming, there were a couple of games which turned heads, in particular Sega’s Project DIVA Arcade and Capcom’s Street Fighter X Tekken. The former title, PDA, was actually playable and Sega brought along the latest version of the game which included new songs. With SFxTKN, producer Yoshinori Ono made an appearance at the show to discuss the new game as well as show off some demo footage of it in action. He discusses the tag team battles along with hinting at a release by the next Taipei Game Show, so it looks like you’ll be waiting for another year to try this out. Both links above are to Japanese game news site Game Watch.

Also here are a couple of more links to check out regarding AOU. A writer at got a chance to visit the show and get some pictures of a few things like Let’s Go Island 3D while missing out on Tekken Tag 2 and NESiCA. Also Destructoid has a few stories on the show, with a general overview, a look at Let’s Go Island 3D, Love Plus Arcade and Music Gun Gun 2. One thing the writer misses out on is that “date games” like Let’s Go Island (or Namco’s Deadstorm Pirates) are available worldwide at the moment, there is just a question in the case of LGI3D as to whether it will get support outside of Japan.  So far however, it sounds like LGI3D pulls off the effect well so I imagine that Sega will be working this technology into other games down the road, hopefully they can bring the price down further too.

One last note about some AOU Sega games, they are sure on a roll with the “version A” moniker – Project Diva Arcade Ver. A, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Ver. A and also, Shining Force Cross Raid Ver. A. Here a trailer for the last one that Sega published today.

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