Name That Game #5 + TRON Joystick Shifter

arcadehero June 15, 2014 0

Normally when you think of TRON and vehicles, motorcycles come to mind first but here is a new product that shows both a TRON and arcade element for your car – the TRON Arcade joystick shifter by if Industries.

tron shift 05

+1 to Envy status for any car!

Also Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report sent this in, a Lego Arcade mini-cabinet, via Kotaku Screenburn 

Name That Game #5. I guess the games posted last week were too difficult/obscure as there were very few guesses. Here are the answers;

#1 – Hat Trick Hero ’95 (Taito)

#2 – Shackled (Data East)

#3 – Fisherman’s Bait 2 (Konami) <- This was kind of a trick as most people just remember Sega Bass Fishing.

Now for this week’s entries, which except for one of them should be relatively easy to make up for last week:





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