More New Arcades: Round1USA Opens in Taunton,MA; Quarterworld Opening in 2016 in Portland, OR

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More New Arcades: Round1USA Opens in Taunton,MA; Quarterworld Opening in 2016 in Portland, OR

The 2015 Year-In-Review Video is on its way and like last year’s video, we will look at the many new arcade locations we heard about opening through the year. Last year was about 50 spots and this year should certainly rival that…stay tuned. In the mean time, here are two other locations to check out, a new Round1USA that has opened in Massachusetts and a new arcade coming to Portland.

Round1USA Tounton, MA Now Operational – The Japanese owned chain of entertainment centers have been steadily growing in the United States since they opened their first location in California a couple of years ago. A lot of that focus was on Southern California but other openings recently took place in WA, IL and TX…now they have crossed the States to reach Massachusetts. The Facebook page for this location is still new and doesn’t have a lot of info but they do continue to offer some of the latest arcade titles (Mario Kart GP DX)along with some Japanese rarities (Jubeat and they show a MaxiTune 3). Thanks to tipster OMG KON! for pointing this out

Quarterworld Set to Open in Portland, OR March 2016 – (Thanks to Stephen P. for the tip on this one) If you live in or near Portland, OR then there have been some great arcade options to find like Ground Kontrol and come March 2016, those options will increase with the opening of Quarterworld. According to the article about the location on, it is going to be run by pinball “baron” Phil Ragaway, who has placed many pinball machines at different venues around the region. As such, the facility will have a strong focus on pinball, with the new The Big Lebowski Pinball being offered as one of the attraction pieces. Video games will play a part in the facility as well but how extensive that might be is something we will have to wait and see on. With 4000 sq. ft. of space, they will be able to offer a lot of gaming options.

For either place, be sure to check them out with a visit if you are nearby!

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