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Arcade Review: Play Port in Erie, PA and what Arcades are doing for Halloween

Arcade Review: Play Port in Erie, PA and what Arcades are doing for Halloween

SaraAB87 October 30, 2015 0

I recently had a chance to visit Play Port in Erie, PA. For those not familiar with this arcade it runs on a pay per person model, and the cost is $10 at the

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Funland arcade in Toronto, Ontario closing in a few days!

SaraAB87 July 10, 2008 25

Here at Arcade Heroes we like to focus on the positive of the arcade scene but I feel this needs to be announced. Funland arcade in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) will be closing sometime next

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Location Review : Phoenix Arcade @ The Summit

SaraAB87 May 27, 2008 3

Here in Niagara Falls, NY there is a mall called The Summit and in addition to the Krow’s Nest with the bowling machines there is another arcade called Phoenix arcade. They have 2 storefronts

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Rochester Game Room Show Coverage

SaraAB87 April 19, 2008 0

I am sorry I am a little late with the coverage but here’s some videos from last week’s Rochester Game Room Show: Overview Part 1 Overview Part 2 Some of the parts that were

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Reminder – Rochester Game Room Show this weekend

SaraAB87 April 10, 2008 0

This is just a friendly reminder that the Rochester, NY Game Room Show will be happening this weekend. I have been busy getting ready for the show! I will be there and will have

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Disney Quest NOT Closing!

SaraAB87 March 6, 2008 6

According to poster PrOk on the KLOV Forums, Disney Quest is not closing! Its not becoming ESPN Zone either. We can all breathe a sigh of relief now as this is very good news!

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Bowling Machine Restoration at the Krow's Nest

SaraAB87 January 29, 2008 4

I have an update on the ball bowling machines at the Krow’s nest. They have just brought in another machine which brings them up to 6 large ball bowlers and one puck bowler for

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New arcade opened in Maryland

SaraAB87 January 21, 2008 8

UPDATE: Seems that this placed closed not long after this article was published. You can search for a local arcade by starting here at the master location list over at Game Time, a

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First details on Rochester Game Room Show Emerge

SaraAB87 January 18, 2008 5

  The Rochester Game Room show is a local buy and sell event of all game room equipment including arcade games and pinball machines. You can also come just to play the games, they

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Sega Opening a ton of Amusement Parks in the Middle East

SaraAB87 January 17, 2008 0

Via GamesIndustryBiz Sega will be opening amusement parks and arcades similar to Joypolis in Japan in the Middle East. The first location set to open will be in the Dubai Mall in Downtown Burj,

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The Max Experience

SaraAB87 January 11, 2008 1

Here is another early motion simulator, the Max Experience. It was produced around 1984 or 1985 by a company called Amusement Technology (Amtech) out of Asbury Park, NJ. This strange device designed for both

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The Hot Seat Arcade system of the 1980s

SaraAB87 January 8, 2008 10

Here is another obscure simulator to ponder. The Hot Seat was a motion based simulator produced in the mid 1980’s. This simulator did not come with any dedicated game, its intention was to be

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