Arcade Review: Play Port in Erie, PA and what Arcades are doing for Halloween

SaraAB87 October 30, 2015 0
Arcade Review: Play Port in Erie, PA and what Arcades are doing for Halloween

I recently had a chance to visit Play Port in Erie, PA. For those not familiar with this arcade it runs on a pay per person model, and the cost is $10 at the door. Playtime is unlimited during the weekdays but on weekends is limited to 3 hours per person. Playtime includes all video game play. There are a few prize games that cost extra to play, usually between 25 cents and 1.00 per play.

This arcade has quite the selection of games, they have 60+ games with all genre’s well represented along with several pinball machines. All machines were in working condition when I was there except 1-2 that were clearly marked as out of order. The owner Brad is a member of the KLOV forums, is involved with the arcade collecting community and is very passionate about keeping the games in good working condition.

Some game highlights from Play Port:

Konami’s GTI Club, I have never seen this game in the United States before


A nice Daytona 2 USA in the Full Motion Cabinet


Sega’s Motor Raid and Tokyo Wars


A working Pole Position cockpit with a nice sharp monitor


Pinball row includes Data East’s Phantom of the Opera, Pin-Bot, the Electromechanical game Check-Mate, Firepower and Mystic.


Since Halloween is tomorrow I thought I would also feature a couple games that Play Port has set up for the Halloween season only.

The Hot Seat:


This extremely creepy take on a classic Chicken prize machine:


In addition to all of this, Play Port is going to be expanding in the coming months, they plan to add another another 4000 sq. ft. onto the existing space. Its nice to hear of an independent arcade that is doing well and expanding.

Play Port is located on 2730 W. 12th Street in Erie, PA. It is located just a short drive away from the Millcreek Mall and main shopping areas in Erie, PA. You can visit Play Port’s website here for information and hours:

Play Port Erie

They also have a Facebook Page which can be viewed here:

Play Port on Facebook

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