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Namco’s Maximum Heat on location test

arcadehero September 18, 2010 6

While Namco America prepares to release their newest racer, Dead Heat to the North American market, a variation on that same game is now testing in Japan. We first heard about Maximim Heat last

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JAMMA 2010: New games, hardware and ideas that could shake things up

Shaggy September 9, 2010 18

The 48th JAMMA Expo is now underway in Japan and with that comes a flood of news concerning future projects that Japanese developers will be bringing to the market. AM-Net has a number of

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AVATAR Pinball machine coming to arcades and game rooms this fall UPDATED

Shaggy July 19, 2010 4

Stern Pinball revealed their next pinball game for this fall this morning and once again it is based upon a movie license. This time however, Stern got on board with the highest grossing film

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Arcade Heroes Podcast #15

Shaggy June 16, 2010 7

Another month, another podcast. Here is the podcast for June where Kevin and I talk about E3, 3D applications in arcades, Open Day event, arcades opening and closing and more.I had to cut it

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Disney Interactive releases 3D Ping Pong in China

Shaggy February 16, 2010 0

Via Now here is something a little different, especially coming from Disney called Disney 3D Ping Pong. By jumping into the 3D craze with both feet first, not only is Disney going to be

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