Disney Interactive releases 3D Ping Pong in China

Shaggy February 16, 2010 0


Now here is something a little different, especially coming from Disney called Disney 3D Ping Pong. By jumping into the 3D craze with both feet first, not only is Disney going to be embracing 3D in several movies this year, including the arcade-related TRON Legacy but now they are going 3D in the gaming realm as well. And not just any games, but arcade titles. This unit features a 3D monitor that is able to produce a 3D effect without the use of glasses (these have been around for a little while now in the PC market) and features motion capturing controls for a very unique gaming experience. According to the press release: “It is a pioneers in healthy arcade game stations and an innovation in China’s arcade game history.” It is currently listed as being for sale in China, Hong Kong, Macau and  Taiwan and also according to the press release, the team who developed this will be creating other titles employing similar technology so we will have to keep an eye on them.

I find it very interesting that Disney is involved here – as you might recall they had a Space Paranoids arcade title at Comic Con last year although that was only created for that event. I would really like to see Disney use Space Paranoids arcade in a promotion for the new TRON movie at arcades around the country so seeing that they are involved in game development in China is a trend worth watching. I also am curious to see how the 3D trend in gaming is going to turn out. As I mentioned recently, it has been done in arcades before and in recent times companies like nVidia has been promoting the technology in PC gaming. Add the success of 3D movies like Avatar (which is already causing movie studios to promote 3D even more than they were going to) and it’s something that will carry some steam with it for a while but I do wonder if it will be a gimmick again.

For more on Disney 3D Ping Pong see the Press Release

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