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Fighting Club Tournament coming to Gameworks in Tempe, AZ

Shaggy March 5, 2009 0

(thanks to Brian Matthews for the info) The tournaments continue to come along at various Gameworks locations around the country and the next one players can look forward to is a fighter tournament at

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Big Buck Safari begins online tournaments

Shaggy December 13, 2008 0

  While the kit to put big Buck Safari online has been available for a little while now, it wasn’t until Dec. 1st that the tournaments began. But Dec. 1st has come (and past

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Big Buck Hunter Pro Online Tourney News

Shaggy August 9, 2008 2

Here is some brief news about the Big Buck Hunter tournaments currently going on. The Regional Qualifiers began yesterday and as a reminder are going until Sep. 7th. To enter one simply needs to

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The Big Buck Hunter Pro 2008 World Championship Tournament (Updated)

Shaggy July 28, 2008 1

Another tournament is on the way with Big Buck Hunter, which has been made easier to do with their online version of the game (I’m still looking forward to the online upgrade to BBS).

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