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Article: "Evolving Arcade Culture"

Shaggy November 17, 2007 1

[Via Argus Leader, Sioux Fall SD] Here is another news article that discusses the current state of arcades as well as the culture of arcades. While it misses the target on a few points(such

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The Act Part 2 – Physical movement sequence

Shaggy November 17, 2007 0

OK here is the next part of The Act that I promised to record for everyone, a part where you control the main character Edgar and his movement through the hospital hallways. It is

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Arcade Heroes – 100,000 hits and rising

Shaggy November 16, 2007 0

We’ve just hit a milestone and it’s all thanks to you, the readers of Arcade Heroes. While 100,000 hits may not be impressive for certain websites or blogs that get that number of people

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Capcom strengthing focus on it's arcade locations – games next?

Shaggy November 14, 2007 0

[Via NEXT Generation] A couple of large game companies own and operate their own arcades, in Japan and elsewhere. Some prime examples are Namco and Sega and while it has far fewer locations, even

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First thoughts on The Act (my review for the week)

Shaggy October 25, 2007 7

The reason why I am calling this my first thoughts and not my final review is because I am having a little issue with the sound – nothing comes through the on-board PC sound

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Positive Arcade Coverage

Twisted Supreme October 23, 2007 0

This makes for a nice change from the usual doom and gloom that we have to read about the state of the arcade industry.  [via LTW]     [Thanks to The Stinger Report]  Editor’s note: John

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Shaggy's Weekly Review: Let's Go Jungle by Sega

Shaggy October 18, 2007 0

In trying to keep up with reviewing newer titles, this week I’m reviewing Let’s Go Jungle (Deluxe edition)by Sega. If you enjoyed Jurassic Park by Sega you’ll probably enjoy this too, and it has

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Otomedius launched in Japan

Shaggy October 16, 2007 1

  I almost missed this earlier today. Konami’s latest well-endowed anime girl shooter is now available in Japan, bringing with it side-scrolling shmup action – along with a touch screen. The chances of seeing

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LightSpace Features New Pricing, More Games

Shaggy October 15, 2007 0

I can’t believe that I overlooked this as I have been quite interested in the idea of LightSpace in the arcade, I have even talked with the company about purchasing one. There is a

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London Preview 2008 Picture Pack and RaceTV

Shaggy October 12, 2007 2

By Youtube User SegaNaomi, some more pictures of what was seen at the ’08 preview. They aren’t as high quality as the ones we have below from The Stinger Report, but if you can’t

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Capcom's Mysterious Countdown

Shaggy October 11, 2007 0

Arcade Renaissance has posted some musings about what Capcom is going to do next for the arcade scene, possibly with Street Fighter 4. Unfortunately the company has been quite absent from the arcade scene

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The Stinger Report looks at upcoming Sega titles

Shaggy October 10, 2007 0

[The Stinger Report] The latest Stinger Report takes a look at some Sega titles shown off at private shows in September, including Primeval Hunt that we posted about not long ago. The Stinger reveals

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