Arcade Belgium's look at ATEI 2009

Shaggy March 4, 2009 0

In case you are on the look out for some more ATEI goodness, Arcade Belgium has posted a plethora of very nice high-rez pictures of the event. I guess this will help tide us

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ATEI 2009 – Videos

Twisted Supreme February 4, 2009 6

Apologies for the wait, but here is all the video footage that I managed to get at ATEI last week. Didn’t get every game unfortunately, but hopefully there’s enough here to get you excited! Also,

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ATEI 2009 – Full Report

HeavyElectricity January 30, 2009 18

Following TwistedSupreme’s initial report yesterday, I got my chance to attend ATEI today. And, armed with a camera, a keen eye for games and a beard that makes small children cry, I decided to

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ATEI 2009 Initial Round Up

Twisted Supreme January 27, 2009 10

Now I know round ups are usually reserved for after the  shows, but I only have time to do a quick little in depth round up this evening. All my videos and photos plus further impressions will

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Justice League to be unveiled at ATEI 09

Shaggy January 17, 2009 0

Global VR has announced that they will be showcasing their latest title, Justice League: Heroes United at the upcoming ATEI 2009 show. With the press release they also have included some pictures of the

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Addendum to the ATEI non-trade media policy

Shaggy January 15, 2009 0

We’ve been asked to pass this along as a follow-up to a previous post: “Following some unusual comments regarding attendance to this month’s Amusement Trade Exhibition International (ATEI) in London, we would like to

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Pre-ATEI buzz – Tekken 6 rumors and BlazBlue tested in Europe

Shaggy January 12, 2009 5

In a build up to ATEI within the next few weeks, Europe has seen a location test of the new fighting game BlazBlue (pictured above), with a big turn-out of players only hampered by

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Redemption Seminar at ATEi 2009

Twisted Supreme September 2, 2008 0

I am always reading about seminars that take place at events such as E3 and GDC and I am always eager to hear what some of the these industry experts have to say on

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Pinball at ATEI

Shaggy February 9, 2008 0

In our coverage of the arcade goodness at ATEI this year it’s easy to overlook the presence of pinball at the show as it has a fairly small footprint, but it was there nonetheless

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UK:Resistance & Eurogamer ATEi 2008 Coverage

Twisted Supreme January 30, 2008 0

As always UK:R doesn’t fail to amuse when it comes to all things Sega & video games. So head over there now and check it out. Also Eurogamer paid a visit to the Earls Court show,

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Global VR ATEi 2008 Impressions

Twisted Supreme January 27, 2008 5

(More pictures after the break) Global VR have impressed me of late. Not just because they appear to be emerging as one of the big amusements videogame developers, not just because of the variety of games

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Sega ATEi 2008 Impressions

Twisted Supreme January 24, 2008 0

(More pictures are after the break) Let’s start with the big guns, first up is Sega. The first thing that struck me was the variety of games on offer especially after the recent news that Sega

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