UK:Resistance & Eurogamer ATEi 2008 Coverage

Twisted Supreme January 30, 2008 0


As always UK:R doesn’t fail to amuse when it comes to all things Sega & video games. So head over there now and check it out. Also Eurogamer paid a visit to the Earls Court show, but to be honest if your to believe everything they say I should close this blog down now because they would have you believe coin-op is dying, how original! Still it’s interesting to hear other points of view, its not all bad. Check it out if you dare.

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  1. editor January 31, 2008 at 1:08 pm - Reply

    Yeah, another UK:Res story slagging arcade – just check out their 2007-6-5 and so on coverage of the market.

    I just love the way they say it is dying, then waste 2 reports on the show, and then try and say again at the end its dying while saying they have more information they will run later!

    GUYS – get over it – we know it was hard to get this information, that the trade is hard ass about fan sites, and that you did not get to play on all the games you wanted, or get any of the free food that the other trade press got – but dont slag the industry based just on that!

  2. Cmdr_Zorg February 1, 2008 at 10:36 am - Reply

    I didn’t go there for the free food. I eat a pasty on the train up.

    I went there to be entertained and amazed. But a warehouse full of Deal or No Deal spin-offs and House of the Dead clones isn’t particularly impressive to someone who remembers when arcades were about innovation and fun, rather than calculating pay-out rates of poker machines.

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