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Arcade Heroes Podcast #8 – Discussion and new details on Dark Presence +more w/ Aaron Auzins

Shaggy September 30, 2009 8

Here is the next podcast and joining me this week was AH contributor Aaron Auzins. Aaron had the opportunity to visit a few arcade related sites in Chicago in August and in addition to

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Update on Dark Presence – now with touch screens on the panel

Shaggy August 1, 2009 6

Galloping Ghost continues their work Dark Presence and they have added a couple of new, previously unannounced features to the game, which contributor Aaron Auzins details below. —————– Doc Mack of Galloping Ghost has

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An interview with Galloping Ghost

Shaggy July 15, 2009 0

AH contributor Aaron Auzins has done an interview with Galloping Ghost Productions (makers of the new arcade fighter Dark Presence), and has been kind enough to pass it along to us. It gets into

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Galloping Ghost relaunches site, adds more pics of Dark Presence; also launches Support Your Local Arcades effort

Shaggy June 25, 2009 3

In March of 2008, we found out about a new arcade fighter called Dark Presence that was in development by an indie dev studio known as Galloping Ghost. We have followed the progress of

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First look at Dark Presence's prototype cabinet

Shaggy October 5, 2008 3

It’s been a little while since we looked at the new and upcoming fighter Dark Presence as they have been working on putting the finishing touches on the game as well as working on

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Dark Presence schwag

Shaggy August 9, 2008 0

Remember that new fighter called Dark Presence which will feature digitized actors in HD and it will be coming out this year? We certainly do and we have the schwag to prove it. Galloping

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Exclusive: First footage from Dark Presence

Shaggy May 15, 2008 0

The new fighter by indie developer Galloping Ghost has been in the works for quite sometime and until now they have only revealed a couple of screenshots from the game but now we have

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More details on arcade fighter Dark Presence (including new screenshots)

More details on arcade fighter Dark Presence (including new screenshots)

Shaggy March 31, 2008 11

(Click on the images to enlarge) A little over a week ago we revealed some new information concerning a new 2D fighter that should come to arcades later this year known as Dark Presence.

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A new arcade fighter – Dark Presence by Galloping Ghost Productions

Shaggy March 22, 2008 14

It is rare to find someone willing to take the effort to produce their own arcade game. Most developers, indie or not prefer to bring their efforts to a platform like the PC or

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