Updates from the world of Bemani-gaming

Shaggy October 27, 2009 0

Aaron Auzins has sent me a few links from Bemanistyle.com regarding some different developments in the coin-op bemani gaming sector and here is a rundown of all of them in one post – I

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Videos from the first DDR US championship qualifier in Dallas

Shaggy October 3, 2009 1

The headline says it all. Despite the fact that Konami didn’t give this a lot of hype, it looks like turnout was pretty good at the first qualifier wjhich was held in Dallas. [Discuss

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Konami announces a DDR US championship

Shaggy September 25, 2009 5

DDR fans, get ready to compete. Starting tomorrow in Dallas, TX, Konami will begin holding regional competitions at different GameWorks locations around the US, which will eventually lead to a final tournament in December

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Yep, arcades can promote physical wellness too

Shaggy August 6, 2009 4

While most of the exergaming attention has gone to the Nintendo Wii, arcades occasionally get the nod for promoting physical activity via gaming, as we read in this article on the Rocky Mount Telegram

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Dance Dance Revolution X USA location test report

Shaggy September 18, 2008 0

A few days ago I posted a location test report from one of our readers, Phil Arrington who got a chance to check out two Konami games on test in California. We already did

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The unofficial Frogger DDR game

Shaggy July 16, 2008 0

I’m not sure who the owner of Frogger is right now, if it’s Konami or someone else but this would be a great idea for a new DDR game. At the Newport Aquarium in

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Dance Dance Revolution X

Twisted Supreme July 10, 2008 0

[via Arcade Renaissance] (Not to be  confused with a dancing version of “Revolution X”) Konami have just put up a teaser site for thier upcoming new DDR which coincides with the game’s 1o year

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DDR for Seniors?

Twisted Supreme July 7, 2008 0

And why the hell not! As the Wii has shown, gaming doesn’t have to just be for the younger generation and this seems like one of those obvious ideas that no one has ever

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Konami launches official Dance Dance Revolution community

HeavyElectricity June 20, 2008 1

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Dance Dance Revolution series (known as Dancing Stage in Europe), Konami has launched an official community portal for the site. It is extremely comprehensive, featuring an official

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The largest MMOG makes it's way to arcades with Audition

Shaggy December 10, 2007 1

When I heard the term ‘largest MMOG on the internet’ I first thought ‘World of Warcraft’ but I also noticed that it didn’t say MMORPG. So no, World of Warcraft is NOT coming to

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