A Couple that Enjoys Life and DDR Together

arcadehero July 10, 2012 3
A Couple that Enjoys Life and DDR Together

Just a quick bit here that I caught from Konami’s Twitter feed, a video about an older Japanese couple that plays Dance Dance Revolution together. He’s 70 and she’s 66. Unfortunately as all this is Japanese (and my lousy 1 year of Japanese in High School is wholly inadequate for helping me on this) I don’t know what their full story is, perhaps one of you out there that understands can fill us in on that UPDATE: They have been playing for 12 years and play twice a week. You’ll notice the location shown in the video is Round 1, which does have a location in SoCal. They are playing on Konami’s newest DDR, DDR X3Vs. 2nd Mix which Konami has so far not released out West, unlike DDRX2. The video also shows Konami’s DanceEvolution and you can see a glimpse of PentaVision’s DJ Max Technika 3.

Either way they are really good at it, staying fit through the game and showing you don’t have to fit into a gamer stereotype to enjoy a game.

UPDATE: Sorry, I didn’t notice that embedding was disabled but click below anyways and it will take you to the video on Youtube.

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