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Get Outta My Face! gets some love in Gameroom Magazine

Shaggy August 19, 2009 3

We are still eagerly awaiting word for when the new indie arcade title Get Outta My Face! will be released so arcades everywhere can pick it up if they so choose but in the

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Indie arcade game Get Outta My Face at SXSW

Shaggy March 21, 2009 1

We reported about the new indie arcade game Get Outta My Face making an appearance at the tech show known as SXSW in Texas a couple of weeks ago and now we have some

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"Get Outta My Face!" indie arcade game making the rounds prior to release +a little arcade industry rant

Shaggy March 10, 2009 2

Despite all of the new coin-op arcade releases that have been coming at us lately, we haven’t forgotten about the indie game that is out there known as Get Outta My Face by Snow

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Another radio interview for Will Brierly, maker of Get Outta My Face!

Shaggy January 15, 2009 4

Will Brierly, author of the new independent arcade title Get Outta My Face is still making the rounds in getting the word out about the game, via online radio shows. Unfortunately I didn’t find

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More info on the new arcade game Get Outta My Face

Shaggy December 18, 2008 0

We heard about the new and original arcade title Get Outta My Face prior to AMOA and I’m happy to pass along some updates of what has been going on with the game as

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A new original arcade title: Get Outta My Face!

Shaggy August 16, 2008 0

While finding indie developers making arcade titles is a rare occurrence, I’m happy to see that the numbers are growing. We’ve covered Galloping Ghost Productions and their making of Dark Presence; there also was

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