More info on the new arcade game Get Outta My Face

Shaggy December 18, 2008 0

We heard about the new and original arcade title Get Outta My Face prior to AMOA and I’m happy to pass along some updates of what has been going on with the game as of late. Fortunately, the project is still on it’s way to a general release and there have been some additions to the game since we last discussed it which include some online features such as an online scoreboard and updates and it now has some easter eggs hidden throughout. The game will see a general release through an at present, unspecified distribution channel which also means we’re not sure when this will happen but it looks like it won’t be long. The creator of Get Outta My Face has been busy of late promoting the game, which includes a new video of the game in action on location test, along with thoughts of people who tried the game (the video is below) and he also was interviewed this past Sunday on the online radio talk show Life Death Reset to discuss his game (link to that, interview is towards the end).

From everything I have seen on this, I find this to be a fascinating  game, it’s certainly one of the more original arcade titles to come along in a little while and I’m a sucker for the “easy to learn, difficult to master” kind of game so I am looking forward to playing it one day soon. Hopefully it is successful and will help foster a desire in others to take up the art of making arcade games for proper arcades. That and we hope to see Will Brierly (maker of this game) doing other arcade titles in the future!

[Get Outta My Face website] [Get Outta My Face MySpace page] [Discuss on the Forum]

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