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IAAPA 2010: Sega

arcadehero November 19, 2010 5

First batch of videos from one manufacturer that I have been able to upload here are from the Sega booth, who had quite a substantial number of new games on hand to show off.

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Hopping Road Kids gets a release in Japan

Shaggy July 1, 2010 2

Newsfeed 851 via At AOU 2010 in February, Taito revealed a 4-player light-gun shooter and a new version of their game Hopping Road called Hopping Road Kids. Hopping Road itself is an original arcade

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Taito's new 4 player shooter – Gaia Attack 4 + Hopping Road for kids

Shaggy February 19, 2010 5

(Image above via AM-Net) Links below thanks to AOU is just starting and with that comes a little bit of news related to things we hadn’t heard about prior to today. First off, Taito

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New experiment: The Arcade Heroes Week-in-Review 'podcast'

Shaggy June 14, 2009 9

OK, so I have decided to try ‘podcasting’ – of course I don’t know if you can really consider this a podcast, it’s just an MP3 file to download here where you can listen

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